Covertix on IDC: Tall and Small, Smart or Cool
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Covertix on IDC – Tall and Small, Smart or Cool: An IDC assessment of security vendors to watch

Tall and Small, Smart or Cool: An IDC assessment of security vendors to watch

By Kevin Bailey
April 15, 2013

The increased awareness of cyber activity against organizations and consumers has made the IT security market one of the most vibrant, competitive areas in the IT industry. For CIOs, CISOs, and line-of-business executives, IT security has become an essential component of organizations’ IT infrastructures. The ability for decision makers and vendors to keep up to date with the latest innovations, technologies, collaborations, and services that enter the market every month would require a dedicated resource to scour the press, Internet, venture capitalists, and vendor
briefings among many other sources of intelligence.

Vendors require outbound marketing and sales engagements to raise awareness to their target audiences. For established vendors any new offerings can be masked with their audiences’ predisposition of that vendor’s historical brand and offerings, whereas start-ups and spin-offs/ins have limited capability to get their message above
the noise of the established vendors.

The objective of this document is to provide a regular update on emerging security vendors to watch in the European market along four key categories:

  • Tall. Defines established vendors or services organizations that have a recognized installed base of customers, immaterial of geography. Their security offerings are acknowledged either through their brand association or product awareness that resolves end-user security issues and concerns.
  • Small. Defines organizations that have entered the security market and may be financed privately or via angel, venture capital A, B, C, or D, or institution funding. Their security offerings tend to fly under the radar and use prominent company personnel or focused (limited) marketing funds to convey their differentiation.
  • Smart. Vendors that are doing something in the security space with “intelligence or careful thought.”
  • Cool. Vendors that are doing something in the security space that has “the quality of being extremely innovative.”

Although this IDC Update primarily covers vendors in the “smart” and “cool” categories, IDC intends to include vendors in the other categories as part of future publications. The information collected in this document is based on reviews with the relevant organizations, coupled with IDC’s domain knowledge in the security market.

(The above is the introduction to this analyst report in which IDC recognizes Covertix as a Cool vendor. The full report is available to the subscribers of IDC’s analyst service.)

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