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Noteya Media Deliverables

Noteya Media can obtain for your company a range of press and analyst coverage deliverables.

For each engagement, we provide these deliverables within the framework of a detailed coverage plan that is designed to support the specific objectives of each client.

Press coverage deliverables include:

  • Editorial coverage in feature articles
  • Corporate news coverage
  • Executive and management interviews
  • Company profiles
  • Customer success stories and case studies
  • Product reviews
  • Awards
  • Press quotes and mentions
  • Byline and ghost articles

Analyst coverage deliverables include:

  • Analyst briefings
  • Analyst reports on company and product
  • Inclusion in market and industry studies

Noteya Media also prepares and distributes press releases on behalf of clients on a variety of newsworthy subjects.

See examples of press and analyst coverage obtained for our clients.

Is your press and analyst coverage plan ready for 2018?