ERM Telematics Press Release: GPS Police in Canada adds Driver Behavior Monitoring with eSafe from ERM
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ERM Telematics Press Release – GPS Police in Canada adds eSafe from ERM Telematics

GPS Police in Canada Adds Driver Behavior Monitoring to its Fleet Management Service with eSafe from ERM Advanced Telematics

Advanced driver monitoring technology positions GPS Police to expand its service portfolio and better service its customers

Rishon Letzion, Israel (April 27, 2017) – ERM Advanced Telematics, a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of vehicle tracking and security devices, today announced that GPS Police, a leading provider of fleet management services in North America, has expanded its fleet management services with the company’s eSafe driver behavior monitoring.

GPS Police is a well-established fleet management service provider based in Calgary, Canada. GPS Police’s customers include companies in the oil & gas, transportation, law enforcement and government sectors mostly in central Canada as well as across North America.

GPS Police has been using ERM’s telematics solutions and devices to enable its base vehicle tracking service for the past three years. GPS Police recently expand its relationship with ERM and has begun implementing a wide range of telematics solutions, beginning with a driving behavior monitoring and black box solution based on the ERM’s eSafe accessory.

eSafe contains predefined profiles for over 35 vehicle types from passenger cars to public transportation vehicles to heavy duty truck. eSafe includes the definitions for 22 driving activities and maneuverer set according to each vehicle type, including advanced combinations of accelerating, braking and turning in different driving situation, such as on paved road, over speed bumps, on traffic circles, on off-road conditions and more. eSafe also contains black box capabilities for recreating the driving scenarios that led to accidents.

eSafe’s high level of differentiation among vehicle profiles and maneuvers delivers GPS Police with analyzed intelligence and not just raw data, which enables GPS Police to provide its customers a highly accurate driver monitoring service. For instance, eSafe can differentiate between braking and acceleration patterns of a passenger vehicle driving on paved roads compared to a field service vehicle or light duty truck driving in off road conditions.

eSafe is also fully integrated into GPS Police’s fleet management workflow processes and has been configured with definitions for graduated levels of severity for violations of the monitored driving behaviors. Alerts of all threshold violations are audibly and visually sent to drivers in real-time and are logged for follow up analysis, while alerts of severe instances of individual violations and notifications of accumulated instances of ongoing violations are sent to the customer’s fleet manager for immediate action with escalating responses as the severity of a violation increases.

GPS Police reports that the company’s new driving behavior monitoring services enable the fleet managers of its customers to quickly identify problematic drivers and significantly reduce costs by avoiding potential accidents and unnecessary wear-and-tear on their vehicle fleets.

“ERM and the straightforward approach of its eSafe solution enabled us to efficiently rollout a valuable driver behavior monitoring service for which we have experienced a strong take up from all our customer types,” said Sean Fournier, Founder and Chief Operating Officer at GPS Police. “We are currently evaluating additional solutions and accessories from ERM and we have strong expectations that our relationship with ERM will empower us to continue to create new revenue generating opportunities and expand our services.”

“We are proud to be helping GPS Police fulfill its mission of helping its customers safely, securely and efficiently manage their vehicle fleets,” said Meir Hayman, founder and CEO of ERM. “At the same time, we are very pleased to be broadcasting another success story on how our telematics solutions are empowering a fleet management service provider to better serve its customers and grow its business.”

About ERM Advanced Telematics

ERM Advanced Telematics designs, develops and manufactures innovative vehicle security and GPS/GSM tracking and telematics solutions. ERM’s product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of modular and state-of-the-art location tracking devices covering vehicle tracking and security, vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior. ERM partners with Telematics service providers to integrate its products and solutions into their applications in order to form a wide variety of unique solutions for Fleet Management, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and other Telematics services. The company was established in 1985, is based in Israel and is a subsidiary of Ituran Group (NASDAQ:ITRN), a leading provider of advanced tracking and protection services for vehicles and drivers. For more information, please visit

About GPS Police

GPS Police, Inc. was incorporated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2003. Since then, our fleet management systems have helped companies across Canada and the United States become more secure, safer and more profitable. We sell to oil and gas, well services, contractors, transport, law enforcement, municipalities and other government agencies.

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