LogNet Systems on Ovum Research: Improving the telco business through billing automation
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LogNet Systems on Ovum Research – Improving business through billing automation

Enterprise case study: Improving the telco business through billing automation

How Infopact used billing transformation to grow the business

By Chanteel Cary
February 12, 2016

Telcos are finding themselves developing new services and products to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ARPU and to remain competitive in an OTT-saturated market. As telcos launch and support an increasing number of new services, those with legacy billing systems across multiple platforms will find it difficult to keep up with the market’s demands.

Dutch telco Infopact experienced a significant period of growth in the late 2000s; however, toward the end of the decade, the telco found that it was unable to efficiently add new customers and continue to grow its subscriber base, due to its legacy billing systems’ inability to scale. To overcome this challenge, Infopact enlisted the help of LogNet Billing’s MaxBill solution to consolidate its billing systems onto a single platform and support the transformation of its billing process…

(The full version of this analyst report is available to the subscribers of Ovum Research’s analyst service.)

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