Oculeus Award: InfoSec Award for Most Innovative Telecoms Fraud Protection
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Oculeus Award – InfoSec Award for Most Innovative Telecoms Fraud Protection

InfoSec Award for Most Innovative Telecoms Fraud Protection for Oculeus

Oculeus has won the InfoSec Award from Cyber Defense Magazine for the Most Innovative Telecoms Fraud Protection for its Oculeus®-Protect service.

The InfoSec Awards honor cybersecurity innovation in unique products and services with compelling value propositions and is judged by a panel of certified enterprise cybersecurity professionals.

The company’s Oculeus-Protect service, has won this award for preventing PBX hacking and toll fraud on enterprise communications networks and telephony systems.

“Our Oculeus-Protect service positions enterprises with automated protection against the ongoing problem of telecoms fraud, which has evolved over time from a telecoms networking issue to an enterprise cybersecurity vulnerability,” explained Arnd Baranowksi, CEO of Oculeus. “Our award winning service directly protects vulnerability PBX devices running on the enterprise premise or cloud that are beyond the reach of a telco’s telecoms fraud protection effort and can be used by an enterprise directly or by a telco for offering a telecoms fraud protection service.”

For more information on this award, please click here.

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