Oculeus on TRI: Telecom Fraud Management Services, Solutions & Strategies
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Oculeus on TRI – Telecom Fraud Management Services, Solutions & Strategies

Telecom Fraud Management Services, Solutions & Strategies

September 14, 2017

In this analyst report titled Telecom Fraud Management Services, Solutions & Strategies 2017, Technology Research Institute examines alternative approaches for fraud prevention and analyzes the vendor landscape for fraud management systems.

Below is an example of how Oculeus is highlighted in the executive summary of this analyst report.

Providing Solutions to Help the Enterprise – Solution providers are missing the opportunity to extend their Revenue Share Fraud protection to enterprise customers who are vulnerable to PBX attacks and other frauds. Oculeus is innovating here by providing its large telecom clients with a way to protect their enterprise clients with a less-than-$50-a-month service the carrier can charge the enterprise for basic fraud protection.

Combining CDR and SIP-Based Systems – Today, two very different kinds of FMS systems are vying for attention in revenue share fraud control: CDR-based and SIP based solutions. As you know, CDR-based systems are the veteran systems who dominate the Revenue Share Fraud fight. SIP-based fraud blocking systems are much simpler and are designed to block VoIP calls in the pre-call phase by dipping into a blacklist database of known fraudulent numbers and number ranges.

There are advantages to both systems and in this Report we examine the strength and weakness of both FMS varieties in depth. On the development front, Equinox Information Systems and Oculeus are leading the solution vendors in the race to combine these capabilities on a single platform and we think – with certain exceptions — it’s the wave of the future

In the main body of the analyst report, Oculeus is profiled and the advantages of the company’s approach to fraud prevention are highlighted.

The full analyst report is available to the subscribers of Technology Research Institute’s analyst service.

For more information on this analyst report, please click here.

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