Oculeus on TRI: Telecom wholesale & enterprise-serving networks, software & solutions in North America
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Oculeus on TRI -Telecom wholesale & enterprise-serving networks, software & solutions

Telecom wholesale & enterprise-serving networks, software & solutions in North America

Using Artificial Intelligence to Make a Low Margin Wholesale Business Highly Profitable

The complexity of the wholesale voice business is legendary because it requires great dexterity in back office operations to properly manage partners, routes, margins, and QoS.

In fact, Telarix was the first software company to drive automation in the wholesale business when they introduced their unified billing, routing, and price list automation several years ago.

But today, Frankfurt-based Oculeus is taking wholesale business software to a new level, it plans to release this summer a wholesale business machine that brings true artificial intelligence (AI) to the fore.

The idea is to equip execs with a decision-making computer that weighs every major parameter in wholesale business decision-making from voice QoS and pricing. . . to bi-lateral commitments and the financial risks of partners.

I spoke to Arnd Baranowski, CEO of Oculeus, about his company’s ambitious software R&D project. You’ll learn:

  • How wholesale execs are positioning the wholesale voice business by cutting operating costs to the bone, pushing automation as they plan to drive a highly profitable business despite extremely thin margins.
  • The state of wholesale back office operations today: the challenge of staffing trained routing managers and managing an explosion in price lists.
  • The features of the planned Oculeus AI tool including its routing robot and ability to select manual vs. automated use in isolated functions of the business.
  • Why the AI tool is desired by Tier 1 wholesalers, but also much smaller wholesalers, such as a 70-person firm running several hundred million minutes a month with only two technical people.


(The above text is part of the online introduction to this analyst report. The full version of this analyst report is available to the subscribers of TRI’s analyst service.)

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