Below are some examples of our favorite press releases that we have prepared and distributed for our clients over the years.

Each of these press releases received extensive news coverage and follow up interview opportunities, attracted the attention of analysts conducting market research and pushed forward sales opportunities.

Business Press Release

ATIN in Vietnam partners with Noteya Innovations to advance international expansion of its core AI technologies

Posted on 16 Nov 2022

Customer Press Release

Teleinfo Media in Thailand transitions its outsourced call center service to the Cloud with Tikal Call Center

Posted on 09 Oct 2020

Product Press Release

Sol Chip introduces autonomous wireless solar tag for improving precision agriculture and smart irrigation

Posted on 08 Oct 2020

Service Press Release

Oculeus launches new real-time telecoms fraud protection service

Posted on 07 Oct 2020

Partnership Press Release

Pharos Systems integrates pixel optimization technology from Preton

Posted on 06 Oct 2020

Investment Press Release

Covertix attracts investment from Kima Ventures

Posted on 05 Oct 2020

Market Demand Press Release

Nemesysco reports increased interest for its voice analytics technology for remote employee wellness monitoring

Posted on 04 Oct 2020

Analyst Coverage Press Release

IDC positions LogNet Billing as a Major Player in the utilities sector

Posted on 03 Oct 2020

Award Press Release

Radiflow wins 451 Firestarter Award for its OT MSSP partner program

Posted on 02 Oct 2020

Event Press Release

Professor Eugene Kandel to present on grid parity in Israel at the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference

Posted on 01 Oct 2020