Radiflow on UTC Journal: For Associate Members, UTC Membership Equals Business Benefits
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Radiflow on UTC Journal – For Associate Members, UTC membership equals business benefits

For Associate Members, UTC Membership Equals Business Benefits

By Bobbi Harris
VP of Market Strategy and Development, UTC

UTC Associate Members often share stories with us about how much value they gain from their membership in UTC. Unlike any other trade association, UTC offers technology companies and service providers intimate access to telecom, IT and OT professionals within utilities. Associate members who participate in monthly membership-only calls with utility committees and participate at UTC events get the most value from membership as they grow relations with utilities and can be seen as trusted resources of information.

Recently a UTC Associate Member, Radiflow, shared a great example of the value gained from UTC Membership that translated into real business benefits for them.

The story centered around a power utility in the U.S. that chose Radiflow for its network security and NERC-CIP compliance. The utility from the Midwest was looking to add a security layer to its communications network, primarily to achieve compliance with new, broader NERC-CIP v6 requirements for Low Impact Cyber Security Assets. Radiflow first met this utility company at the UTC national event in 2016 that was held in Denver through an introduction made by the head of UTC’s cybersecurity committee. After this UTC event, Radiflow and the utility were engaged in further technical discussions that evolved into a field pilot throughout 2017. Following the successful completion of this field pilot, the utility proceeded to a full commercial deployment.

In addition to implementing LERC/LEAP initiatives for the purpose of compliance, the utility took the opportunity to leverage the project and further upgrade the existing substations networks with the latest security technology. After researching and testing multiple systems, the utility finally chose Radiflow. For this project, the utility chose Radiflow’s 3180 Ruggedized Security Gateway. It has the capability to monitor traffic and send syslog connection data messages back to a central server.

This allows the operator to examine traffic patterns and create specific firewall rules that can be loaded back into the 3180. In addition to the 3180 Gateway, the project included Radiflow’s iSIM management tool as well as the iSID Industrial Cyber Security & Intrusion Detection System.

Radiflow has been a member of UTC for four years and is seeing the fruit of participation with UTC. The full story is available on Radiflow’s website at https://radiflow.com/securing-a-midwestern-gt-utility/

Other UTC Associate Members have said:

“MegaSys has been involved in the UTC for well over 10 years and the benefits and business we have realized from that involvement has paid for our investment many times over. Not only do we have an opportunity to visit with our many customers at one time, but we are constantly exposed to new customers, new opportunities, and equally important, we learn about numerous new requirements and concepts that help guide our business model. I personally cannot say enough about the professionalism of the entire UTC organization and look forward to many more years working with and supporting the UTC.” Dave Woronuk, President of MegaSys.

“Walker’s relationship with UTC is highlighted by their focus on relevance to members. Their strategic balance of educational programming and networking events provides us with unique opportunities to connect with customers throughout the year. UTC continues to raise the bar in creating value for all members, offering innovative ways to stay connected about important industry developments through both programs and resources. Their advocacy on behalf of utilities is important, and we rely on their insights and research to understand better a cross-section of market issues.” Randy Turner, Walker and Associates Inc.

“Burns & McDonnell has enjoyed our relationship with UTC over the years. UTC is a strong organization for electric utilities & the telecom community. We enjoy sharing information, staying connected to clients, and learning about new emerging technologies.” Shana Mummert, Burns & McDonnell.

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