Saguna Networks on Core Analysis: Mobile Video Optimization 2013
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Saguna Networks on Core Analysis – Mobile Video Optimization 2013

Mobile Video Optimization 2013

By Patrick Lopez
March 15, 2013

Video accounts for over 50% of overall data traffic in mobile networks in 2013 and its compounded annual growth rate is projected at 75% over the next 5 years. Over 85% of the video traffic is generated by OTT properties and mobile network operators are struggling to accommodate the demand in a profitable fashion. New business models are starting to emerge, together with KPIs and technologies to manage, measure and monetize OTT video traffic. This is the backdrop for this report. Video optimization is a technology being adopted by many networks to contain, manage and control traffic growth. Customer is interested in understanding better this segment, the value chain, the players, the market opportunity and growth over the next years.

This report provides a 360 degrees view of the mobile video optimization market segment and was compiled and augmented throughout 2011-2013, with data collected from the various carriers, vendors and analysts following this field.

The result is a unique perspective on how video grows over time in mobile networks and what are the means for network operators to alleviate the inherent risks associated with this shift in bandwidth consumption.

(This analyst report include a review of Saguna Networks’ solutions and is available to the subscribers of Core Analysis’ analyst service.)

For more information on this analyst report, please click here.

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