Seculert on Bloor Research: Market update: Advanced threat protection
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Seculert on Bloor Research – Market update: Advanced threat protection

Market update: Advanced threat protection

By Fran Howarth
February 1, 2014

Advanced targeted threats are today’s reality for organisations of all sizes and traditional technology controls, often based on countermeasures in the form of signatures for threats that are known about, are not up to the task of defending networks. More advanced controls using techniques that are constantly evolving provide a much higher level of protection. Yet attackers are increasingly determined and it is a certain bet that some attacks will always get through. Organisations need to be constantly on their guard and use the latest technologies for proactively monitoring their networks for those threats that have evaded their defences. In many cases, thinking like an attacker and using the same tools, techniques and procedures that they use for responding to those incidents that inevitably occur.

(The above is the introduction to this analyst report. The full analyst report is available to the subscribers of Bloor Research’s analyst service.)

For more information on this analyst report, please click here.

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