Telco Systems Award: TelecomLead Innovation Leaders 2018 Award for Telco Systems
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Telco Systems Award – TelecomLead Innovation Leaders 2018 Award

TelecomLead Innovation Leaders 2018 Award for Telco Systems

September 7, 2018

Telco Systems is one of the winners of the TelecomLead Innovation Leaders 2018 Award for its innovation in the NFV space.

The Telecom Lead Innovation Leaders award recognizes technology companies and the impact of their new product developments and innovations on telecommunications service providers and their customers. This award program is organized by Telecom Lead, a prominent global online publication providing news and analysis of the telecoms industry.

Telco Systems has received this award recognition for its NFVTime uCPE solution and the framework that it provides telcos, OTT managed service providers and enterprises for improving their business agility, enabling new revenue generating opportunities and optimizing the OPEX and CAPEX related to IT and network service deployments.

“We are committed to lead the market with NFV and Edge network innovations that support our customers’ business requirements and this award is important recognition of our leading market position,” said Raanan Tzemach, Vice President of Product Management at Telco Systems. “Our focus is to enable our customers to extract the most from NFV and provide complete freedom to choose any VNF, hardware or MANO solution for their rollouts of managed services and virtual network functions, while ensuring swift and cost effective deployments.”

For more information on this award, please click here.

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