Telco Systems Award: IT World Award for Best NFV Solution
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Telco Systems Award – IT World Award for Best NFV Solution

IT World Award for Best NFV Solution for Telco Systems

Telco Systems has won the gold medal award for the Best IT Solution for Network Functions Virtualization at the 12th Annual IT World Awards.

The IT World Awards is an annual achievements and recognition program highlighting the year’s best products, services and technologies in all sectors of information technology.

Telco Systems won this award recognition for its NFVTime solution used by telcos and managed service providers to launch and manage NFV services.

“Today, there is absolutely no need for enterprises to continue stacking devices and struggle to deploy and manage many IT and security solutions given the alternative that virtualization provides,” stated Ariel Efrati, CEO of Telco Systems. “We are proud to receive this award for our NFVTime solution and see this recognition as a validation of our strategy to help our telco and managed service provider customers capitalize on this great market opportunity.”

For information on this award, please click here.

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