Telco Systems on The Exchange: More bandwidth for Kenya’s universities as KENET upgrades network
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Telco Systems on The Exchange – More bandwidth for Kenya’s universities

More bandwidth for Kenya’s universities as KENET upgrades network

By Kimani Chege
January 16, 2019

KENET in Kenya upgrades its carrier ethernet network to 100GE with T-Metro 8100 from Telco Systems. Expanded network capacity allows KENET to improve service quality and support growing data traffic demands

Kenya Education Network (KENET) has upgraded its carrier Ethernet network from 10GE to 100GE providing more badwidth for learning institutions in Kenya.

KENET is a not-for-profit membership organization that is licensed by the Communications Commission of Kenya as an Alternative Network Facility Provider. It is the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of Kenya and provides broadband Internet services and community shared/cloud services to the higher education and research community in partnership with other licensed telecommunications operators.

Telco Systems, an American company based in Manfield Massachusetts which is the leading provider of innovative IP solutions, completed the upgrade. Telco Systems’ end-to-end Ethernet, SDN/NFV-ready product portfolio delivers significant advantages to service providers, utilities and city carriers competing in a rapidly evolving telecommunications market.

As the NREN of Kenya, KENET provides high-speed Internet access and data center services to member university campuses and research facilities across the country and interconnectivity with other NRENs around the world. KENET also provides shared cloud-based services, including co-location of servers, dedicated virtual servers for e-learning systems and video and web conferencing.

Three years ago, Telco Systems supplied KENET with its IP/MPLS technologies that were used to build KENET’s 10GE carrier Ethernet network, which was managed and fully orchestrated by an aggregation and demarcation solution.

For KENET, these T-Metro 8100 devices are managed and orchestrated by Telco Systems’ EdgeGenie Orchestratorservice provisioning management system, which was also previously deployed in 2013 when Telco Systems originally supplied KENET’s carrier Ethernet network.

By upgrading its network capacity to 100GE, KENET has been able to improve the quality of existing services, offer additional advanced services and meet the growing bandwidth requirements of its education and research institution customers and their users.

“We have been working with Telco Systems for five years now and we have developed trust and confidence in the company and its technologies,” stated Professor Meoli Kashorda, Executive Director of KENET. “Telco Systems has played a strategic role in the expansion of our network and the services from 1GE to 10GE and now to 100GE and I am certain that the company will continue to do so for many years to come.”

“More and more service providers around the world are upgrading their network capacities to 100GE in order to better serve their customers and grow their businesses and we are proud to be supporting KENET in this important move,” said Ariel Efrati, CEO at Telco Systems. “We are experiencing strong traction in the education vertical and our T-Metro 8100 solution is well-positioned to help network operators serving this market space, especially the government E-Rate projects in the United States, to upgrade their networks and improve the performance of their services.”

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