Telco Systems on Telecom TV: Telco Systems: Closing the loop with OSS and BSS
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Telco Systems on Telecom TV – Closing the loop with OSS and BSS

Closing the loop with OSS and BSS

By Guy Daniels
November 17, 2015

A greenfield solution is not likely in most cases, and a hybrid approach is necessary. New capabilities must be able to co-exist with current systems. To deliver the promised new dynamic connectivity services, Telco Systems believes we need to close the loop with OSS and BSS systems – we need to define parameters in OSS and BSS, and then deliver and measure it throughout the network during the lifecycle of the service, not just defining a policy without the ability to enforce it. The ability to measure the real performance of an application, to get into the packet itself when it delivers a service and see how it has performed, is a capability that needs to be exposed to OSS and BSS.

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