Telco Systems on SDxCentral: Powering NFV – Virtual network functions
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Telco Systems on SDxCentral – Powering NFV – Virtual network functions

2017 NFV Report series part 3: Powering NFV – Virtual network functions

By Roy Chua
May 25, 2017

The main premise of NFV is that it can deliver network functionality via software running on industry-standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. And that’s already happening in production networks across the world. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are starting to leverage commodity and standardized standard server and storage infrastructures.

The third report in the series, the Virtual Network Functions report, focuses on how the NFV infrastructure will enable virtual network functions (VNFs) to be deployed, orchestrated, and managed in the cloud. This includes an overview of leading VNF solutions that are purpose-built as software-defined solutions and deployed with NFV infrastructure.

What you can expect from this report:

  • An overview of NFV, describing the evolution of architectural components and potential benefits.
  • A quick survey of the top VNF use cases.
  • Discussion around VNF migration challenges.
  • Market dynamics of VNFs and survey results.
  • Details on different vendor offerings to provide early insights into the capabilities and maturity of different solutions.

(The above is the introduction to this analyst report, which includes a profile of Telco Systems and the company’s NFV solutions.)

For more information on this analyst report, please click here.

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