Telco Systems on SDxCentral: 2018 NFV Report Series Part 1: NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and VIM Available Now
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Telco Systems on SDxCentral – 2018 NFV Report Series Part 1

2018 NFV Report Series Part 1: NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and VIM Available Now

By Roy Chua
April 12, 2018

The world of network functions virtualization (NFV) continues to mature and expand driven by continued investment from service providers, including both fixed and mobile operators. NFV is now an established, open architecture that most CSPs worldwide are adopting as part of new infrastructure investment and as a foundation for new 5G deployments and innovative applications. SDxCentral is pleased to announce the first in a series of three reports focused on NFV. Download SDxCentral’s 2018 NFV Report Series Part I – NFVI (NFV Infrastructure) and VIM (Virtualized Infrastructure Manager) here.

While NFV-based networks provide the foundation for many leading-edge solutions, the market is still working towards understanding how best to implement NFV and the best-in-class architectures for different use-case deployments. In 2018, there’s a thriving and diverse market with multiple players solving different problems. With the complexity of the space and the amount of ground to cover, SDxCentral will continue to examine the NFV market in an updated three-part NFV report series.

The first report in the series, the NFVI and VIM report, focuses on hardware and software resources that make up an NFV platform. This includes examining new open architectures, looking into containers vs VMs, x86 vs ARM and the role of HW and SW acceleration of I/O traffic. It also covers the VIM due to the important role of the VIM in resource management of the NFVI—if you’re interested in understanding what we and the market think about whether Kubernetes will take the place of OpenStack, or whether ARM has a chance in beating Intel in NFVI, make sure you don’t miss out on downloading this complimentary report: 2018 NFV Report Series Part I – NFVI and VIM.

Stay tuned for the NFV Report Part II, which focuses on MANO, including NFV orchestration as well as service assurance in NFV, followed by Part III, which will cover virtual network functions (VNFs), the specific software applications that run on the NFVI.

(The above is the introduction to this analyst report, which includes a profile of Telco Systems and the company’s NFV solutions.)

For more information on this analyst report, please click here.

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