Telco Systems on SDxCentral: 2018 NFV Report Series Part 2: Rising roles of MANO, LSO and Assurance Available Now
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Telco Systems on SDxCentral – 2018 NFV Report Series Part 2

2018 NFV Report Series Part 2: Rising roles of MANO, LSO and Assurance Available Now

By Roy Chua
May 3, 2018

The world of network functions virtualization (NFV) continues to mature and expand, driven by continued investments from both fixed and mobile service providers. NFV is now an established open architecture for distributing cloud-friendly or cloud-native network services targeted at the business and communications markets. NFV-based networks provide the foundation for many leading-edge solutions, such as SD-WAN/vCPE, vRAN, 5G and IoT offerings, and require specialized management and infrastructure tools to provision, orchestrate and manage the lifecycle of these services. This has driven a diverse MANO (management and operations) and LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) market with multiple players focusing on solving diverse problems.

In part II of our three-part NFV report series, we focus on MANO and LSO for NFV platforms. This includes looking at the challenges of on-boarding and managing the numerous flavors of virtual network functions (VNFs) that power NFV network services. The report also includes coverage of MEF’s LSO and its current evolution. We will examine how operators are solving these problems via-vendor provided solutions, open source technologies or in-house development. Curious to understand the state of MANO, ONAP vs OSM dynamics, LSO Sonata’s uptake, importance of CI/CD and how Containers might shift the entire playing field? Then make sure you grab a copy of Part II of our NFV report series.

Part III of the series, which covers virtual network functions (VNFs) will be launched in a few weeks so stay tuned! And if you missed Part I of the series, covering the hottest trends in NFVI (NFV Infrastructure) and VIM (Virtualized Infrastructure Manger), download the NFVI and VIM report today!

(The above is the introduction to this analyst report, which includes a profile of Telco Systems and the company’s NFV solutions.)

For more information on this analyst report, please click here.

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