Telco Systems on SearchSDN: NEC/Netcracker teams up with Telco Systems for NFV service chain
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Telco Systems on SearchSDN – Netcracker teams with Telco Systems for NFV service chain

NEC/Netcracker teams up with Telco Systems for NFV service chain

By Jennifer English
October 6, 2017

NEC/Netcracker and Telco Systems are targeting NFV service chaining in data centers and on customer premises with an integrated NFV offering for service providers. The companies will showcase their combined service Oct. 9 to 13 at the SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague, Netherlands.

NEC/Netcracker brings to the partnership its full-stack network as a service (NaaS) offering, which provides VNF onboarding, a digital marketplace, service design and more. Telco Systems offers NFVTime, a suite that provides preconfigured VNFs, security functions, SD-WAN support and management and orchestration.

NFVTime will fully integrate into NEC/Netcracker’s NaaS ecosystem program, according to a joint statement. The program uses universal customer premises equipment as the host for the deployed VNFs.

“Together, NEC/Netcracker and Telco Systems are collaborating in the NaaS market and developing solutions that enable service providers to quickly launch new multivendor value-added services at the network edge,” said Aidan Dunleavy, Netcracker’s director of partner alliances, in a statement.

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