Telco Systems on Telecoms Radar: Getting started with NFV service deployments: best practices to shorten time-to-market and maximize value
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Telco Systems on Telecoms Radar – Getting started with NFV service deployments

Getting started with NFV service deployments: Best practices to shorten time-to-market and maximize value

By Raanan Tzemach
August 16, 2018

The Webinar will present methodologies for getting started with NFV service deployments and will discuss best practices for shortening the time-to-market and maximizing the value of NFV.

The promise of NFV promised has evolved over time and most of the potential users are still assessing its business value and technology aspects. Maximizing the business value of NFV will be enabled by choosing the right deployment model and solution architecture. As part of this process, major considerations need to be given to SD-WAN, which has become one of the most important network services in recent years. The impact of SD-WAN on NFV adoption can be perceived as both an enabler as well as one of the factors that have delayed NFV adoption, while some within the industry even say that it may have a boomerang effect for service providers.

Now that the first wave of SD-WAN deployment has been achieved, consideration must be taken for the next phase of deployment decisions and how it is related to an overall NFV vision and strategy. Deployments of managed services over SD-WAN can be best achieved using a “land and expand” model, which will allow service providers to start deploying NFV services before putting all the required MANO and backend foundations as well as to trial and adjust what will result with the best business upside. Significant attention also needs to be taken when choosing the appropriate uCPE technology.

To view the original article and watch the webinar, please click here.

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