VoiceSense Award: The 2018 Speech Industry Star Performers
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VoiceSense Award – The 2018 Speech Industry Star Performers

The 2018 Speech Industry Star Performers

These cutting-edge vendors are leading the way in AI, analytics, natural language, smart speakers, and more.

August 01, 2018

VoiceSense has won the 2018 Speech Industry Star Performers award by SpeechTechMag for its innovation in speech analytics.

The following is some information about the awards:

One of the best parts of putting together the Speech Industry Awards is watching the patterns and trends that emerge—it has a way of distilling what we already knew. This year, you can see the influence chatbots have had on the list, but what interests me most is how often medical applications come up—especially in the speech analytics space. Improved customer service is great, but using voice analysis to catch devastating illnesses in early stages is literally life or death.

I think you’ll see throughout the issue that, while speech technologies of all sorts are becoming positively commonplace in many industries and homes, some of the things they are now capable of doing are positively extraordinary. I hope you enjoy reading about 2018’s Luminaries, Implementations, and Star Performers as much as I did finding them. — Theresa Cramer, Editor

Here’s some information about VoiceSense:

Want to take speech analytics one step further? That’s what VoiceSense has done by linking speech patterns to behavioral and personal characteristics. VoiceSense focuses on aspects independent from language, details such as intonation, pace, and emphasis. Its technology has a range of useful applications—customer service, predicting loan defaults, even tracking PTSD.

For more information on this award, please click here.

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