VoiceSense Press Release: VoiceSense introduces groundbreaking speech-based solution for big data predictive analytics
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VoiceSense Press Release – VoiceSense introduces speech-based solution for predictive analytics

VoiceSense introduces groundbreaking speech-based solution for big data predictive analytics

New solution uniquely focuses on customer behavior tendencies to deliver improved risk assessment, sales and customer retention

Herzlia, Israel (September 28, 2017) – VoiceSense, an innovative provider of predictive analytics for enterprises, today announced that the company has launched its SEAL (Speech Enterprise Analytics Leverage) solution, a groundbreaking speech-based solution for big data predictive analytics.

VoiceSense’s SEAL solution brings an innovative new approach to big data predictive analytics by focusing on the behavior tendencies of customers rather than their demographic and historical information. Through the analysis of prosodic (non-content) speech parameters of a customer, such as intonation, pace, stress and more, SEAL can accurately predict future consumer behavior of a customer.

SEAL significantly shortens and improves decision-making processes and can be applied by an enterprise to a range of voice-based customer interaction scenarios to improve risk assessment, expand sales and increase customer retention. The solution also has additional applications for health and wellness monitoring as well as providing human resources personal profiles of candidates and staff.

SEAL provides a fully automated process that can be used to analyze both recorded voice files or live audio streams and is completely independent of language and content. Predictive models and signal processing techniques are used to accurately assess over 200 prosodic speech parameters. Based on this analysis, SEAL then builds personal profiling models and evaluates an individual’s characteristics, such as levels of risk affinity or aversion, tendencies for impulsive behavior and rule abidance, personal integrity, conscientiousness, sociability, wellbeing and so on. The outcome of SEAL’s analysis is a prediction score for a specific consumer behavior that is then automatically integrated into an enterprise’s decision-making processes and CRM data.

“Predictive speech analytics can help organizations monitor and anticipate customer behavior, enabling them to identify opportunities and provide personalized service,” explained Raul Castañon-Martinez, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. “The range of use cases that can be addressed make it particularly relevant for high-touch customer interactions, which can have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line.”

VoiceSense has recently completed successful pilot implementations of the SEAL solution for a number of banks and insurance companies in the United States, Asia and Israel. During these pilot implementations, SEAL delivered accurate loan default predictions and insurance claim probabilities by analyzing recorded phone calls. SEAL’s accurate predictions were confirmed by the actual outcomes experienced by these enterprises.

“After many years of research, we are proud to be launching our game changing solution for uniquely and accurately predicting customer behaviors for which the markets and use case scenarios are almost limitless,” said Yoav Degani, CEO at VoiceSense. “We are tremendously pleased with the initial market feedback and we have strong expectations for our SEAL solution as the value for any enterprise is enormous.”

VoiceSense will be demonstrating the SEAL solution at the Chief Analytics Officer Fall Forum in Boston, MA on October 3-5.

VoiceSense is currently offering a no-obligations trial of the SEAL solution to qualified enterprises.

About VoiceSense

VoiceSense is an innovative provider of speech-based solutions for big data predictive analytics. The company’s technology analyzes voice-based customer interactions in order to improve core enterprise activities – improving risk assessment, expanding sales and increasing customer retention. VoiceSense’s prosodic (non-content) speech analysis offers an innovative, language independent, biometric concept for predictive analysis enabling typical speech patterns to be linked to personal characteristics, which allow the accurate prediction of future consumer behavior. For more information, please visit www.voicesense.com.

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