Votiro on Bloor Research: Market update: Document content security
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Votiro on Bloor Research – Market update: Document content security

Market update: Document content security

By Fran Howarth
September 10, 2014

Document content security is a fast-emerging technology space that is garnering a lot of interest. The number of vendors with specialised technology is currently fairly small, but more vendors are looking closely at this space. It is expanding and will continue to do so. Currently, 95% of advanced targeted attacks start with a phishing exploit, generally in the form of a message with a document attached or URL embedded. In many cases, those attachments and links are malicious and can cause malware to be downloaded to the user’s device, which can expose information such as user credentials that the attacker can use to delve further into the organisation. Other factors that are driving interest in this market space include the need to prevent data loss or inappropriate data access. Preventing sensitive information being distributed in documents is core to preventing a data breach in this manner.

This emerging space fits well into the overall advanced threat management space and has great promise for aiding with information governance requirements. The vendors analysed in to

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