Business Acceleration for Israeli Technology Vendors

Noteya Innovations provides business acceleration services for Israeli technology vendors. We offer a customizable combination of press and analyst coverage, channel generation and account management, and fund raising services.


We create valuable marketing and sales opportunities for our clients that are generally beyond the reach of most Israeli technology vendors in low risk engagement frameworks.

We leverage our experience and know-how to promote the growth of our clients and facilitate profitable revenue generation.

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To learn more about how we can help your company grow, Let's Talk.


Managing interactions with journalists and analysts with the objective of obtaining influential press and analyst coverage

Become a market leader and support your business development and sales activities and other corporate initiatives

Leveraging our worldwide network of sales channel partners to penetrate new markets and access high profile projects and sales opportunities

Expand your sales reach and generate significant new revenue streams

Facilitating access to institutional and private investors in targeted countries interested in investing in Israeli technology companies

Access strategic investment


Shana Tova!

Noteya Innovations wishes all of our clients, partners, friends and family here in Israel and around the world a very happy and sweet new year.

Posted on 02 Sep 2021

Starting the Journey to Work with Sales Channel Partners

Engaging sales channel partners is a much different journey than interacting with potential end user customers. Read some of the recommendations we always share with our technology vendor clients for the initial steps in interacting with the sales channel partners in our network.

Posted on 18 Aug 2021

A Success Story in the Making

Stay tuned for more good news to come...

Posted on 30 Jun 2021

What is a Sales Channel Partner?

A large part of our business acceleration service involves helping our technology vendor clients manage relationships with sales channel partners. We find that there is a lot of confusion, especially among younger managers at earlier stage technology companies, about what exactly is a sales channel partner.

Posted on 20 May 2021