Dreaming about Thailand

January 20, 2021

These days everyone is dreaming about Thailand.

Today, Thailand is much more than what you remember from your trip after the army or the destination for your next family vacation.

In fact, Thailand, Vietnam and many of the countries in Southeast Asia have been among the least effected by Covid19 and are strongly positioned for continued economic growth in the post-Coronavirus world.  

The same can be said about Kenya, Tanzania and other countries in East Africa as well as our new friends in the Emirates and Bahrain.

Needless to say, 2020 did not go as planned, although thankfully we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now is the time to evaluate your company’s go-to-market strategy and sales plans going forward.

Noteya Innovations through our Channel Generation service helps technology vendors access new sales opportunities and generate additional revenue streams by engaging sales channel partners in these and other markets.

Most of the sales channel partners in our network are distributors, value added resellers, system integrators and managed service providers that we have been doing business with for many years and trust us fully for our business conduct, dedication and professionalism.

If your company is interested in penetrating these markets and offers a technology or product that can be:

  • Hosted in the Cloud and offered as a value added service (VAS)  
  • Sold as part of larger solutions delivered by value added reseller or system integration firm
  • Used to facilitate self-development, such as no code, design only platforms for creating Cloud-based enterprise apps and systems 

then we are confident that we can facilitate access valuable business opportunities for you company in these markets in Southeast Asia, East Africa and the Persian Gulf. 

For our clients, we take responsibility for managing the relationships with the sales channel partners in designated countries and regions from initial engagement through business strategy and contract negotiations to end customer deployments and ongoing account management.

To schedule a time to hear more about our Channel Generation service, including the low risk framework we offer the service and examples of recent success stories, please complete the short form below or contact us through our Let’s Talk page.