LinkedIn Poll: What is Your Company’s Current Approach to Business Travel?

November 29, 2021

We recently conducted an interesting poll on LinkedIn and asked a very timely question that is of concern to most sales and business development professionals:

What is your company’s current approach to business travel?

73% of those that participated in our poll responded that their companies have either returned to normal business travel or are at least traveling for essential business purposes. 

Only 12% responded that there is currently no need for business travel and Zoom sessions are sufficient. 

Earlier this month, we travelled to East Africa to visit our business partners and a number of potential customers in the region.

In general, our opinion at Noteya Innovations is that nothing can replace genuine, in-person interactions to build and strengthen business relationships and move forward sales opportunities. 

Our recent business trip to East Africa certainly confirmed this approach of ours.

In our meetings on this business trip, we firmly demonstrated our commitment to our local partners and potential customers. At the same time, we accomplished more in this one week of meetings to move forward the sales opportunities that we are managing in the region than the past number of months of Zoom sessions.

We are currently planning a similar business trip to Southeast Asia and will share our feedback in a full update when we return.

In the meantime, think about another important question:

Can you attract and close a large, strategic deal with a new customer or business partner by using only social media and online meetings?

Stay tuned for more good news to come from Noteya Innovations.