Communicating Salvador Technologies’ Success

January 14, 2024

Noteya Innovations is pleased to be helping Salvador Technologies communicate the company’s success.

As part of our engagement with Salvador, we are leading the preparation of corporate announcements and the distribution of press releases. These press releases focus on communicating Salvador’s corporate achievements and broadcasting the company’s growth.

Salvador has built a pioneering cyber-attack recovery platform to prevent operational downtime damage and facilitate full operational recovery for Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in just 30 seconds. The company distributes its cyber-attack recovery platform through channel partners, who are using the platform to offer new and improved managed cybersecurity services to ensure the operational continuity of their critical infrastructure and industrial enterprise customers.

Most recently, we led an important press release campaign to announce Salvador’s latest funding round. For news coverage, we targeted influential online publications that the OT cybersecurity community are reading and obtained valuable coverage on Dark Reading, Industrial Cyber, ISS Source, Security Week and others. This announcement also facilitated significant interaction for Salvador with existing and potential channel partners and end user customers as well as engagement on its social media platforms.