Nemesysco wins the People’s Choice Award for Speech Analytics

Nemesysco, a leading provider of voice analytics technologies and solutions for genuine emotion detection, has won the 2020 People’s Choice Award from Speech Technology Magazine, the leading global source of news and analysis on the speech technology industry.

The 2020 People’s Choice Awards recognize this year’s favorite speech tools and platforms according to a panel of speech technology end users and other readers of Speech Technology Magazine.

Nemesysco and its Layered Voice Analysis (LVA™) technology for genuine emotion detection and analysis have been voted as this year’s favorite Speech Analytics solution.

The LVA technology is built to reveal the genuine emotional state of a person by detecting and measuring uncontrolled psychophysiological changes to a person’s voice during open conversations. The technology is indifferent to language or the content of speech and can detect and measure a range of emotions, including excitement, stress, uncertainty, anger, happiness, hesitation, embarrassment and more. The LVA core technology is embedded in all of Nemesysco’s portfolio of voice analytics offerings and has applications for call centers, insurance and financial services, human resources, mental health and more.

“We are very proud of the technology we have developed and are pleased that it has been recognized as a favorite among users of speech analytics solutions,” stated Amir Liberman, CEO of Nemesysco. “As more and more business and government organizations understand the importance of emotion detection analysis, our unique approach and the benefits our technology provides are gaining momentum in the call center and human resources spaces, especially across APAC and Latin America.”

More information about this award program is available on the Speech Technology Magazine web site.