Noteya Adds AI-Driven Business Processes to its HIMS Solution

October 18, 2023

Exciting News! Noteya Innovations has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into the automated business process workflows built into our Hospital Information Management System (HIMS).

These new video-based AI features are designed to improve the efficiency and security of hospital and healthcare facility operations.

Examples of these new modern features that leverage AI to trigger automated workflows include:

Facial Recognition of Staff and Patients

  • Identify and register staff and patients accessing designated areas, such as laboratories, pharmacies and storage facilities
  • Open patient records at strategic locations, including registration desks, nurse stations and doctors’ offices
  • Enforce access controls, such visiting hours and opening and closing of doors according to security identifications


Mask and Dress Code Policies

  • Detect staff and patients not wearing masks according to hospital policies
  • Identify staff, patients and visitors, including external suppliers, violating dress code policies


Medical Equipment Monitoring

  • Monitor the movement of medical equipment according to hospital policies
  • Detect medical equipment left in corridors or rooms against hospital standards


Crowd Control and Management

  • Identify congestion above defined limits at entrances, reception desks, corridors or any other designated area
  • Detect instances of violence or theft
  • Impose specific actions in the pharmacies and storage facilities

These AI detection capabilities in the Noteya HIMS serve as triggers for a list of actions and workflows according to a hospital’s operational specifications. The detection of a specific face, action, movement or rule violation will automatically trigger a designated workflow, such as a specific identification, alert or action.

These new features are managed from an optional module that is natively integrated into the Noteya HIMS.

These new AI capabilities are based on the core AI technologies of our strategic partner ATIN Advanced Technology Innovations. ATIN’s AI technologies are designed with an open integration layer that allows Noteya to continually develop and deploy new AI-driven workflows in its HIMS solution.

Configurable business process automation is an essential element of any HIMS solution and one of the strengths of our offering,” said Yair Lezer, Partner at Noteya Innovations. “The addition of AI-driven triggers to our Noteya HIMS will help our hospital and healthcare customers to further improve the efficiency and security of their operations.”

The Noteya HIMS is a holistic and fully integrated solution for medium to large hospitals to modernize their operations and services. The solution covers both ongoing daily hospital operations and back office functions.

Noteya reports that the company is experiencing growing demand for its HIMS solution in East Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.